Tokenized assets are a relatively new concept, however, that hasn’t stopped major companies from using them as an alternative to traditional shares. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing globally, so is the reliance on Blockchain technology to manage assets.

What are Tokenized Stocks?


El Salvador has not only been successful in legalizing Bitcoin but also in revolutionizing the traditional mining of cryptocurrencies. Although it has not received support from the World Bank, Bitcoin enthusiasts have lent their assistance to continue this undertaking.

World Bank not on board with El Salvador’s decision!


Bitcoin has spiked again after a long week of fluctuations and developments. Elon Musk is being credited for the rise while vocal Bitcoin followers have praised the legalization of it in many countries as the driving force. Both are very capable of influencing the price change, but Elon’s vaguely “negative” opinion of Bitcoin seems unlikely to lead to a price rise.

Elon Musk and his cryptic Tweets!


OVR is a blockchain platform that is revolutionizing the blockchain ecosystem by combining the AR/VR experience with virtual tokens. It introduces the concept of purchasing things in the virtual world that will hold value in the real world.

What is OVR?


Cardano has been an interesting cryptocurrency when it comes to taking a more evidence-based approach rather than the traditional route. Created by Charles Hoskinson, one of the key developers on Ethereum.

Questioning the traditional method!


After the European Central Bank took the initiative to actively look into a CBDC, countries in the EU also followed with their own trials and experiments to develop a digital currency. Due to the lack of confidence in decentralized currencies, the race towards a CBDC has gained momentum.

Will France and Switzerland issue a CBDC?


Germany’s Fund Location Act initially proposed in April has been implemented recently, which will bring in lots of funding from institutional investors. Also, Germany is looking into an alternative solution to CBDCs, which is in contrast to other countries in Europe which are in favor of a digital currency regulated by the Central bank.

What does this new law entail for Germany’s Crypto Industry?


Japan was one of the earlier countries to acknowledge cryptocurrencies, and it has used all this time to come up with a policy that regulates the market appropriately. It is also working on a CBDC trial that it is hoping will become more apparent in the year 2022.

A Brief History of Japan's Crypto Policy?


Smart Token Funds or STFs were created by WazirX as an alternative to mutual funds, the key difference being that you are investing in cryptocurrencies. This was devised as a way to let early investors in who were not well aware of the industry. The landscape of cryptocurrencies since 2 years ago when it was launched has drastically evolved and so have STFs.

What are STFs?


Switzerland has been dipping its toes into cryptocurrency, with major Swiss banks like Sygnum beginning to offer services related to digital currencies. It has also considered experimenting with a CBDC project along with the BIS and National Bank of France.

When did Switzerland begin to accept cryptocurrencies?

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