Tokenized assets are a relatively new concept, however, that hasn’t stopped major companies from using them as an alternative to traditional shares. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing globally, so is the reliance on Blockchain technology to manage assets.

What are Tokenized Stocks?

Tokenized stocks or shares are a way to hold assets in a token form or digitally. This is not only cheaper to issue than the traditional method but also easy to transfer. This reduces the barrier to entry for many who fail to comply with regulations and rules of the stock exchange. It is already possible to trade crypto-assets at record speeds from Crypto Exchanges, which have made it convenient for many who are looking for a safer and accessible method of payment.

The blockchain also offers a healthy amount of transparency that holds everyone accountable. In addition to an…

Dwayne D'cunha

I write articles on Cryptocurrencies and social media. I am a 16-year-old writer and I do this as a full-time hobby.

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