Changing the Blockchain Ecosystem with OVR!


OVR is a blockchain platform that is revolutionizing the blockchain ecosystem by combining the AR/VR experience with virtual tokens. It introduces the concept of purchasing things in the virtual world that will hold value in the real world.

What is OVR?

OVR is a platform that hopes to capitalize on the digital marketplace just like NFTs did on digital art. With the blockchain, the value of digital products has become equivalent to real products. This is obviously keeping in mind that the concept is still new.

OVR also has tokens that function as traditional cryptocurrencies with more utility that is integrated with buying virtual land, creating digital avatars, and a lot more. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this digital layer covers the entire globe with 1.6 trillion unique hexagons called OVRLands. These OVRLands will be contextualized according to the location they are in. OVR has come with innovative ways to earn while participating in the OVR ecosystem this includes things like creating AR experiences, staking tokens, and trading.

Virtual Art Galleries!

OVR gallery a platform for digital artists makes it possible for people to display their art in a virtual environment that you can view on your mobile. However, this isn’t the only platform for OVR based galleries as the OVR Builder lends you the ability to create your own custom environment. The efficacy of virtual interaction has been recently proven but it also serves as a way for artists all over the world to connect. The virtual avatars that you create can interact with followers of your work and communicate with them. Artists like Giovanni Motta, Marco Biscardi, and Rok Bogataj have already confirmed to be a part of this futuristic venture into digital art galleries. OVR is planning to include a lot more artists so you should sign up as soon as you can to have the chance of displaying your art piece.

Live Events via AR!

In a post-pandemic world, it seems like virtual events have been pushed to their limits. However, this can be made more exciting with live events that replicate real or virtual settings depending on your preferences. It could be important meetings to meeting up with your friends across the world or even attending a live concert of your favorite musician. Taking virtual pictures, getting a ticket, talking to new people can all be done from the comfort of your home. There are additional features that help mimic a real interaction by making the audio clearer of the person you are talking to by moving closer to them. You can also walk in real life to move around the virtual environment or click Hexa points on the ground of your virtual room.

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