Cryptos that you have definitely Not heard About!

As expected cryptocurrencies have grown more than ever not only existing ones but also new ones. This shows how lucrative this industry is. Finding a cryptocurrency that is priced according to your budget while making sure you are not getting scammed can be quite challenging in this rapidly evolving industry. Currencies can overnight rise and drop that will leave traditional stock traders in awe.

Priced at $0.1 cents, this emerging Crypto seems to go toe to toe with other behemoths like Ethereum, Eth2, Cosmos. It displays its credibility and its advantage over other Cryptos on its website. Charging transaction fees of $0.000.001 which is almost inconsiderable. It has a Cross-chain asset that transfers with Ethereum, Binance, and other chains with a shard size of 250 nodes. This open-source and extremely fast platform with a transaction finality of 2 seconds also has an NFT platform for creators to sell their art.

Tron has a great reputation for working with Samsung, BitTorrent, Opera, and Swisscom. Tronix is the mainnet token issued by the Tron foundation. Tron has also been working on Sun Network, a sidechain project that strives to increase speed and security while keeping prices to a minimum. The sidechain makes it easy for existing users to learn how to use and developers to build highly customizable, flexible, and well-configured DApps. It utilizes smart contracts similarly and basically the same features as the mainchain.

Vechain is a blockchain platform that prioritizes improving supply chain management and important business processes through the use of distributed ledger technology(DLT). VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) are the two tokens on the platform where the first is used as standard crypto that holds value while the latter provides gas for fueling smart contracts. It hopes to be a centre for initial coin offerings and encouraging transactions between (Internet of Things)IoT connected devices. Vechain challenges the blockchain by stating that it can break the asymmetric information problem and permit ownership of data to return and empower its owner.

Ravencoin in addition to being a Crypto also has a wallet that has recently received an upgrade. This community-driven blockchain has made its goal to be decentralized and not to be controlled by external authorities. A unique feature of these tokens is that they can have whichever properties the issue of the token prefers which permits them to be limited in quantity, named, and be declared as collectibles. Not only does it use KAWPOW which reverberates decentralization but also has a circulating supply of 21 billion tokens. It works on stakeholder voting which makes it more efficient and sustainable than mining carried out by Bitcoin.

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