Notable Investors that have Backed Bitcoin!


Bitcoin has certainly grabbed the attention of every investor in the world. Some have disregarded the cryptocurrency while others have really high hopes for Bitcoin’s seemingly bright future.

Jack Dorsey might adopt Bitcoin for Square and Twitter!

Jack Dorsey a strong advocate for Bitcoin has been vocal about Twitter and Square implementing Bitcoin in some capacity. In particular, he said that Square Inc which is an e-commerce platform is considering implementing cold wallets (physical) to hold Bitcoin. Cold wallets offer better protection when it comes to crypto wallets and this also solidifies his commitment towards Bitcoin. In addition to stating the inevitability of a Twitter-Lightning Network integration. Lightning Network is a way to achieve quick and cheap off-chain transactions via user-generated channels to send and receive payments. With Twitter Blue, Twitter has been experimenting with paid services, where the lightning network could have a wide variety of use cases.


Paul Tudor Jones and his approach towards Bitcoin!

Hedge fund manager and also Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones has also shown his support for Bitcoin recently when he said it is a great investment in order to protect his wealth. He also said he has reserved 5% of his portfolio for Bitcoin as it serves as a great diversifier. Paul has also challenged the credibility of the FED(Federal Reserve). He has also made clear that he will invest 80% of his portfolio only after hearing the FED’s future policy. Paul has criticized the FED’s policy as they don’t give enough attention to inflation, in addition to saying that this headstrong approach of fixing the economy is the main cause why cryptocurrencies and gold are rising in value.

Michael Saylor’s “risky” venture!

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy is working on selling senior secured notes that bear interest at an annual rate of 6.125% in the form of a private offering. The money that is received will go into purchasing more Bitcoin that will be kept with MacroStrategy LLC a subsidiary of MicroStrategy. His goal of making $500 million dollars from selling these notes which was supposedly due 2028 has been recently achieved. MacroStrategy LLC currently holds 92,079 BTC. Although he has been vague on what he intends to do with all this Bitcoin, the news being pretty recent might play a part in that.

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